Zero to Hero: Learn to trade in 21 Days 2016.10.10

Oktobris 10, 2016 17:44

Knowledge is power, but very often education comes at a cost.

If you're tired from having to pay enrollment fees, our next offer will be right up your alley.

Zero to Hero, the latest educational project of Admiral Markets, is a month-long course designed to fill in the gaps of novice traders. With a helping hand from the leading Forex traders and educators, Chris Svorcik and Nenad Kerkez, even a complete beginner we hope will have a solid foundation for their future career.

Our series of video lessons will cover the most relevant Forex-related topics and arm you with the knowledge required to improve your understanding of the market.

Explore the syllabus below:

Part A: Know your market

Day 1: What are financial markets

Day 2: Stocks, Futures, Forex, CFD, etc. / Which instruments can we trade and how to make money

Part B: Know your tools

Day 3: Trader types: Who am I?

Day 4: Technical infrastructure: PC, Internet connection, screens, etc.

Part C: Know your platform

Day 5: MetaTrader Introduction

Day 6: Basic functions of the trading software MT4

Day 7: MT4 Supreme Edition – basics

Day 8: How to make a trade: technically, long & short

Day 9: Order types: SL, TP, Stops

Part D: Know your system

Day 10: The basics of a system

Day 11: Indicators and technical analysis

Day 12: Role of oscillators

Day 13: System rules

Day 14: Trade management

Day 15: Building a trading plan

Day 16: Evaluations and system tracking

Part E: Know your risk and psychology

Day 17: Leverage and margin at FX & CFDs

Day 18: Money management & risk management

Day 19: Trading psychology, part 1

Day 20 Trading psychology, part 2

Day 21: Questions and answers, summary of Admiral.Academy

We encourage traders of every background to not only register for Zero to Hero, but also spread the word. Together, we'll be able to clear the pathway to better trading, one step at a time.

Zero to Hero is set to launch on October 3, 2016, but traders can join the program anytime.

Brīdinājums par riskiem

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